The Client

Operating Orders and Work Permits, Version 9L (Lockout/Tagout) was developed for a consortium of power companies on Long Island, NY. These companies include NRG Energy, USPowerGen, Transcanada and before them, Reliant Energy and Orion Energy. When working with multi-megawatt generators, it is essential to power down the generators, repair them and power them back up in an exact sequence to protect human life and not damage the equipment. The generators involved include both traditional fossil fuel as well as gas turbines.

The Product

OO/WP9L is a logout/tagout program for performing maintenance on multi-megawatt power generators. Every operating order is issued against a particular piece of equipment. The steps to power down that piece of equipment are stored in a library which can be updated at any time. Each safety step may require one or more tags and in many cases locks. A security code chain ensures that no step can be bypassed. Portable grounds can be attached to the equipment. Work permits can be assigned as can Caution and Area permits. Tests can be conducted and if successful, those elements can be restored. Once the complete set of repairs and inspections are complete, the portable grounds can be removed and the steps to return are executed.

The program contains the ability to show the status of any piece of equipment at any time. The equipment and personnel tables are maintained. Additional safety tags can be printed. Every step is guarded by a rigid series of operations to guarantee that no one will be harmed and the equipment will be restored in perfect working order. The program has been in continuous use since 2000 with no signs of letting up any time soon.

Implementation Details

  • Safety First!
  • Database design
  • Desktop application development
  • Commercial software distribution
  • Full Audit Trail for all changes
  • Ongoing support for client and customers

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